In the personal social network account, Bertrand wrote: "I not only want to donate, but also do something within their power to help people there. As an individual, I certainly can not consider everything, but I will do some What I think should be done. In my opinion, the placement of the victims, to help them stay in that neighborhood, and to appease those who temporarily live in temporary housing houses, these are all I can do the work next Monday I will go Charity, and put your plan into practice. Atletico also hope that Chelsea do not apply for Costa in the Champions League, so that Costa Rica in the second half of the season after the return of Atletico is still eligible for them to play the Champions League. In this way, Chelsea and Conti will be in a very embarrassing situation, after all, after falling out with Costa, Conti now hope that the Spanish striker early leave Mario Lemieux Jersey, but if in accordance with Atletico requirements Joe Mullen Jersey, Costa also to stay In the team half a season, even if Chelsea introduced a new striker without Costa and then played, the mentoring meet every day is certainly very uncomfortable. Coupled with Chelsea executives also open up the internal contradictions to Conti dissatisfied, despite the British media said that now Abu is still holding Kongi continue to teach Mike Condon Jersey, but if Chelsea in the abandoned after the attack on Costa or poor results even worse The old striker Wang do not have Maxim Lapierre Jersey, can not afford to give birth to what matter, in short, let a team to leave the team to stay in the team half a season, like a time bomb, say no time to explode.