In the 2017-18 season, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United will be directly promoted to the Champions League group stage, Liverpool will participate in the Champions League qualifying. Arsenal and Everton will play the European Cup, toffee will first play two rounds of qualifying. At the same time, UEFA has confirmed the group match time, which allows us to analyze the Premier League seven after the Champions League game. Ottoman - Tengbo also participated in the French team 3-2 victory over England's friendly match Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale, his outstanding performance once again attracted the same praise from the outside world Matt Calvert Jersey. There is news that Manchester United also want to sign Osman - Deng Beilei, he last year in the International Champions League Shanghai station in the game for a long time off Luke - Shaw and Rojo shot score Anton Forsberg Jersey, once ranked fifth league ranking, In Nemal, and only 20 years old this year, is the same age group of players in the crowd. Mourinho hopes to introduce reinforcements this summer, especially in the frontcourt need to increase the strong attack power, Osman - Deng Beilei undoubtedly meet the requirements of Manchester United. In the news of the Linde Luofu transfer news, Osman - Deng Bei Lai point of praise, the two men did not have any intersection Blue Jackets Jersey, Manchester United fans this vision of this new Dortmund new king joined Manchester United's beautiful scene.